garage 30

GARAGE 30 an exhibition space hosted exhibitions for one night between  2000 and 2005 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. GARAGE 30, Hanuauer Landstrasse 30, was normally my studio and sometimes a temporary exhibition space. Exhibitions took place three or four times a year over a period of five years in total. I invited artists mostly colleagues from the Staedel Art Academy to do solo exhibitions for only one evening.
This web page is meant to substitute a normal catalog in print to let the memory live on and to share with a wider public.This exhibition series was for some of the invited artists an introduction into exhibiting directly from the Staedel Art Academy.

The initial idea was to offer and create a situation where it was possible to have a kind of intimacy; to have the chance to meet the artist in person and ask them questions while within the exhibition situation. Another important point of the project was to offer a space for solo exhibitions for just one night where there was a lot energy involved in the planning, hanging, and presentation all concentrated in the relative shortly time of an opening night. During the project GARAGE 30 I decided to enlarge my own private art collection.

Usually I exchanged one of my works for another artists’ work. Here I offered them chance to exhibit in exchange for one of their works for my collection. This was agreed upon with the artist prior to the exhibition. It was a good idea which functioned perfectly during the entire period of the project. I thank all the artists who exhibited and frequented GARAGE 30. They gave the project integrity, professionality, and enthusiasm.

Giovanna Sarti


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